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4 Questions to Ask about a Pharmacy

4 Questions to Ask about a Pharmacy

A pharmacy is the science and practice of obtaining, developing, preparing, distributing, evaluating, and monitoring drugs with the goal of ensuring the safe, effective, and cost-effective use of drugs. Dr. Simeon Roth, PharmD at Invara Pharmacy & Clinic helps individuals who have been suffering from challenging diseases by providing a full variety of pharmaceutical services. For more information, contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 31111 U.S. Rte 2, Sultan, WA 98294.

4 Questions to Ask about Pharmacy | Invara Pharmacy & Clinic
4 Questions to Ask about Pharmacy | Invara Pharmacy & Clinic

Table of Contents:

What are the three main questions we should ask when taking any kind of drug?
How do I get my medication from Invara Pharmacy?
How does a pharmacist impact healthcare?
What are the purposes of a pharmacy?

When it comes to pharmaceutical needs, many benefits come from having a regular pharmacy. One of the biggest pros of picking up your prescriptions in one consistent location is that you know the pharmaceutical team and they get to know you in return. This means they can help to ensure that you’re taking your prescription properly, advise you on any potential side effects, and advice you on any that you may be experiencing after you begin taking your medication.

At Invara Pharmacy + Clinic, we house an in-clinic pharmacy so that the answers you need are never too far away. Contact us today for more information about our pharmacy or visit us in person at your earliest convenience.

What are the three main questions we should ask when taking any kind of drug?

Pharmacists are committed to ensuring that you’re educated about any medication you’re receiving and are happy to answer any questions that you may have. This includes your (1) general use questions, (2) questions about what to expect, and (3) any situational questions you may have.

General use questions pertain to how to go about taking your prescriptions. For example:

● How will this medication help to treat my condition? How do I safely take this medication?
● How should I store this medication?
● Why was I prescribed this medication instead of another?

Questions about what to expect may include ones such as:

● What side effects and risks can I expect from my medication? 
● When should I report any side effects that I may experience?
● What consumables should I actively avoid when taking this medication?

Situational questions revolve around certain circumstances or stages of life that you’re in and may include:

● Is there a more affordable, or generic brand, version of this medication available?
● What should I do if I miss a dose?
● Is this medication safe if I’m pregnant?
● Will this medication interact with any other medications I’m currently on? 

How do I get my medication from Invara Pharmacy?

Your doctor may provide you with a prescription in different ways, including writing you a paper prescription that you can deliver to the pharmacy, calling or faxing a pharmacy directly, or sending it electronically through protected medical networks.

Once Invara Pharmacy has received your prescription, our pharmaceutical team will contact you to let you know it’s available for pickup. In some cases, depending on the prescription you’re having filled and the area you live in, we may also be able to deliver your medication directly to you! 

How does a pharmacist impact healthcare?

A pharmacist can safely, professionally, and accurately handle, store, prepare, and distribute all kinds of medications. In this way, they serve healthcare by making sure that patients know how to use, store, and administer their medications to avoid side effects and unintentional misuse.

They also serve as the final line of defense when it comes to prescriptions, ensuring that dosages are correct before they’re delivered into the patient’s hands and that they won’t have harmful drug interactions with any additional medications the patient is taking.

The main purposes that a pharmacist serves within the healthcare system are to:

● Advise patients on which over-the-counter medications they should be taking to best address their symptoms. 
● Direct healthcare professionals on how to safely use the medications that they’re prescribing. 
● Guide patients on how to safely take and store their medications.  
● Warn patients about any side effects that may occur due to taking their medication. 
● Answer any questions the patient may have.  
● Assess the quality of medicines before they are given out to patients. 
● Ensure that the prescribed medication is appropriate for the individual. 
● Ensure that the supply and dosage of medicines fall within the legal limits dictated by the state. 
● Ensure the quality and proper dose of medicines are supplied to patients. 
● Provide health management services to patients. 
● Supervise the production and preparation of medicines. 

What are the purposes of a pharmacy?

The purpose of a pharmacy is to provide and dispense medications to those that need them safely and ethically. They’re also responsible for developing and managing drug distribution systems that provide patients with regular access to the medications they require while also following all drug safety protocols.

Pharmacies plays a crucial role in healthcare, supporting clinical services, evaluating medications for safety and quality, and providing crucial drug information to patients so they know exactly what to do and what to expect when it comes to their prescriptions.

At Invara Pharmacy + Clinic, we provide safe and professional access to the prescription medications you need and will always provide valuable insight to make sure you know exactly what to expect. For more information about our pharmacy services, or for any questions that you may have, you can contact us or request an appointment online at your earliest convenience. We are conveniently located at 31111 U.S. Rte 2, Sultan, WA 98294. We serve patients from Sultan WA, Monroe WA, Startup WA, Gold Bar WA, Woods Creek WA, and surrounding areas.